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Tanzania Studying Endangered Humpback Dolphins with Kenya

This is the first complete survey of dolphins in the Pemba Conservation Area. The aim is to establish the population of different dolphin species around the islands of Pemba, and to aid conservation measures.

Rupi Mangat Award winning travel and environment writer follows dolphin and whale researcher Dr Gill Braulik around Pemba Island Tanzania, unearthing the dolphins and whales present in the rich Indian Ocean waters.

Rupi has joined Gill to observe this historical dolphin and whale research which will covers the whole of the Tanzanian coast for the first time.

The focus of the work is looking at the endangered Indo Ocean humpback dolphin populations in Tanzania and establish whether they move to Kenya waters, and visa versa. The Wildlife Conservation Society is working with Watamu Marine Association and the Kenya Marine Mammal Network. For more information see The Nation Lifestyle, The East African and Dolphins of Pemba

For further reading on studies of dolphins in Kisite Kenya, near the Tanzanian boarder in 2016, please see Dr Sergi Perez's research on the effects of tourism on dolphin populations. Effects of nature-based tourism and environmental drivers on the demography of a small dolphin population

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