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Explore Marine Parks Along the Kenyan Coast

Kenya is well known for its wildlife especially the Big Five. They are an attraction to local and foreign tourists. The game parks amazingly attract so many holidaymakers. However, there is the untapped potential of the marine parks.

Watamu Marine National Park, source: watamu.biz

Watamu offers three magnificent bays to explore. Due to its proximity to the Tsavo National Park, Kenya?s oldest and largest National Park, visitors to Watamu can also take a day trip safari to view the game animals.

Bird watchers too can enjoy their stay at Watamu, with hundreds of bird species found in the nearby Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and around the Mida Creek Reserve. Migrants and local species of birds can be seen here including African Pygmy Kingfishers, Osprey, and many other species. At Mida Creek there are over 70 aquatic bird species. Nearby is the history rich ancient Gede ruins.

For those looking for adventure, a canoe trip to the romantic islands is the best choice. You can enjoy picnic lunch. Popular from July through to May is game fishing. Here fish species like with Billfish, Sailfish, and Black Marlin can be found in the water.

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