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Wildlife Campaigner Dr Paula Kahumbu meets Watamu Dolphins

What have President Obama and Watamu dolphins in Kenya have in common? They have both met the famous Dr Paula Kahumbu, Kenyan wildlife campaigner

We were thrilled to welcome the famous Kenyan conservationist Dr Paula Kahumbu to the Kenya Wildlife Service and Watamu Marine Association dolphin research project. Broadcasting with Twitter and the Periscope App Live all over the world we got a following from USA to Russia. With sightings of rare humpbacks and a newborn bottlenose it was something to shout about.

Dr Paula also filmed in a separate sighting at least 2 other endangered humpback dolphins, threatened because of fishing bycatch, which proved that these endangered species are attracted to her

Paula has worked with Kenya Wildlife Service and is the CEO for Wildlife Direct which helps raise awareness for anti poaching and the trade in endangered species especially the Kenyan elephant. For more information about Paula's work and her meeting with President Obama last year in Kenya please see Dr Paula Kahumbu Meets President Obama

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