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What Have Watamu Marine Association Been Doing in 2015?

Check Watamu Marine Association's do's in 2015 and see what we really got up this year. Promoting Watamu and conserving marine life just for starters, and much more.

Okay here we go with the highlights, take a look at our Chair, Justin Kitsao's report, which is full of fun photos!! Watamu Marine Association's Chair Report 2015

Launch of Recycling Centre September 2015
Over 1,000 visitors to the Centre

WMA Runners up for Ecotourism And Magical Kenya Awards

WMA was the host organisation for the Quick Win Project CSUDP

WMA Chair Negotiated Renewal of UN Biosphere as an Internationally Protect area for Malindi Watamu and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

Young Kenyan Scientists from MCCC and BMU represented Kenya in Madagascar and South Africa regarding marine mammal data collected by WMA

WMA lead coordinator with the Kenya Marine Mammal Network

WMA negotiated international student exchange and research MoU between University Dublin and Pwani University, including the Galana Conservancy

WMA marketing Watamu as a destination with KTB, KNA also national and international media houses

WMA continuing with advocacy and campaigning including the Arabuko Sokoke Forest against the Oil and Gas seismic surveys. Also continuing the Ringnet campaign

WMA marketing community members including Crab Shack, through social media.

New members Wajimida/Dabaso Tujengane, Withasmile Homes, Medina Palms and Sauti ya Wanawake

WMA working with County Government and training the Green Team

WMA completed audited accounts for 2011 - 2014

The anti child abuse project achieved a 75% increase in reports, prosecutions and convictions of offenders in child abuse cases.

WMA partnered with KCTA and trained over nearly 300 Kwale County Beach Operators

WMA have been active nationally in partnerships with government agencies, business organisations, the judiciary, and civil societies

Thanks again to Hemingways Watamu for hosting the Watamu Marine Association AGM for the 8th year running.

Also see: http://www.watamu.biz/


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