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A Rocha Kenya Fundraiser for School Fees and Tree House

ASSETS -Arabuko-Sokoke School Bursaries and Gede Ruins Tree Platform Fundraiser. For our kids and conservation

We need your help to raise funds for local needy secondary school students of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek, to educate the children and spread the conservation message. And for much needed Gede Ruins Tree Platform repairs which supports the Project.

ASSETS bursary Scheme - ASSETS is a community programme initiated by A Rocha Kenya with the overall goal being to conserve biodiversity and to increase benefits of the local community from sustainable eco-tourism activities in Mida Creek and Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

Environmental Education and awareness -Environmental Education and awareness events for the beneficiary students and parents are held regularly.

Eco-tourism Projects -We have a hanging walk - way situated at Mida creek and a Tree Platform built on a Baobab tree in Gede Ruins monument. These facilities have played a big role in raising funds for the scheme over the years. We are trying to raise funds for next year?s school fees together with the tree platform repairs. To donate, use our M-PESA number-665950 or contact kenya@arocha.org. Its easy! For more information see A Rocha Kenya webpage

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