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What Did Watamu Marine Association Do in 2016?

Watamu Marine Association Members Look Back on a Successful 2016 at the WMA AGM

What are Watamu Marine Association all about?
Well here is a snapshot into 2016 with the Chairman's report as a multi photo PDF to make easy viewing. More photos, less text. Enjoy! Watamu Marine Association Chair Report 2016

For those of you who want more information. This is what we do:

WMA works with the Watamu community developing marine resource management to ensure the future protection of the Watamu Marine Park and Reserves as a natural asset that can provide employment and prosperity for the Watamu people.

The vision of WMA is to provide consistent high quality service to the local community and member organisations in the fields of self-development, sustainable tourism development, conservation development and natural resource management

WMA provide the following services;
Markets and promotes Watamu nationally and internationally as a world class tourist destination
Community Based Ecotourism Development
Dolphin and Whale Conservation, Research and Ecotourism Project
Community Waste Management and Recycling and Health Enterprises
Environmental Welfare through Advocacy
Anti Child Abuse and Exploitation Awareness Project

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