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WMA Volunteer Community and Conservation Project on Kenyan Coast

Do you want to directly contribute to helping communities, and assist in conserving the marine environment and wildlife, plus have the experience of a lifetime in the stunningly beautiful tropical Watamu National Marine Park on the Kenyan Coast?

What can you do to help the Watamu community and marine conservation?

Are you are interested in really making a difference to local Kenyan coastal communities and marine wildlife and applying your skills and experience? Then volunteering (as a tourist) with WMA is the answer. We need people who have skills and an interest in the following areas:
Community Development, Dolphin/Marine Conservation and Research,Eco Tourism, Journalism and PR, Marketing and Advertising, Teaching, IT, Art and design, Small business development, Sports coaching, Waste management and recycling.

We are looking for volunteers from 18 upwards, who can work independently with initiative and with minimal supervision. Our main aim is for volunteers to provide their skills directly for the benefit of community groups and they will be working closely with the local community members.

What is WMA offering the volunteer?

You will be involved in a number of activities depending on your choice and area of interest and subject to us assessing your skills. Our programmes cover a fairly wide range reflected in our activities below. For more detailed information about our programmes please see WMA Projects

Dolphin Eco Tourism, and Conservation Project
This project involves volunteers working with WMA researchers and community members from Watamu Association of Boat Operators and Watamu Safari Sellers. We are looking for people with experience and an interest in research and field studies, scientific data analysis, photography and filming and designing educational and promotional materials. Please seeWMA Dolphin Project

Eco Tourism Development
WMA supports community based eco tourism initiatives in the Marine Park and Reserve and is looking for volunteers to help our members promote their activities through marketing and advertising and business development. This includes dolphin watching and mangrove tour guiding initiatives. e.g Mida Creek Conservation Community Group

Tourist Customer Services and Handling Training and Tour Guide Training Many of our members are tour operators, beach operators; curio sellers and eco tour guides. They require training to develop their professionalism and businesses.

Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Project
WMA members work to keep our Marine Park beach and village free of plastic waste and pollution. We have developed plastic recycling capacity and are looking for people who can help us create art and curios from plastic, rubber and other waste materials and to develop income generating initiatives from recycling and to educate community members on the importance of good waste management. Please see Waste Management Project

IT training for community groups IT skills are seen by our community groups as most important for self development and promotion of their projects and activities and they want to be conversant with Microsoft Office, Excel, the Internet and Email and Facebook, please see WMA Education Programme

Working/teaching with orphanages and nursery schools
This would involve working primarily with the women's groups and their orphanages and nurseries, Many of these children have no opportunity of going to school or receiving a formal education. They need teachers for basic studies and English e.g.Mwamko Mpya Women's Group and Watamu Joint Women's Group Sports Coaching
This involves working with already established amateur soccer teams and volleyball teams (mixed gender). Also developing new sporting activities such as softball and athletics. We require coaches and sports people to help them fulfil their dreams- see our WMA Sports Programme

For more information and images please see International Volunteer Community and Marine Conservation Page

Also see: http://www.watamu.biz/


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