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Dolphin Conservation Continues in Watamu

Get involved and report your marine mammal sightings and help us create a better understanding of these species, which include all species of dolphins and whales

The Kenyan Marine Mammal Network is a newly formed partnership of Global Vision International (Shimoni) who have been studying cetacean for 6 years with KWS, Watamu Marine Association, community tour and boat operators Watamu Association of Boat Operators, Watamu Safari Sellers Association and Kenyan Fishermen including African Billfish Foundation.

We are working with Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute to assist in the development of a national cetacean conservation plan and the identification of the conservation status of species.

You can help by reporting your sightings of dolphins and whales providing date, location, time, and possible species and number. We will be identifying the hot spot areas for these animals along the Kenyan coast, which will generally help improve conservation efforts in Kenyan waters and increase public awareness.

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