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NTVWild Showcase Watamu's Delightful Dolphins

NTVWild Films Kenya Wildlife Service and community conservationists protecting Watamu Kenya's "Delightful Dolphins"

Watamu on the north of the Kenyan coast has been known locally for its dolphin populations for over 20 years. Local boat operators have introduced our special dolphin families to guests to Watamu keen to experience the protected Watamu National Marine Reserve.

However dolphins are not necessarily understood by many Kenyan's to inhabit our waters and have not received any publicity.

For the first time on national and international TV the NTVWild crew came to visit the Kenya Wildlife Service and the community research team to find out more about what efforts are being done to protect Kenyan's marine mammals.

Smriti Vidyarthi takes you on an adventure like no other. We're in Watamu to go scouting for dolphins...for work not for fun. She is joined by, among others, Justin Kitsao, chairman of the Watamu Marine Association and marine expert Michael Mwang'ombe.

Kenyans and the rest of the world, will now be able to enjoy the underwater water world of dolphins and celebrate the wonderful marine life in Kenya with interviews with Warden Ntindi Kassim and Mike Mwang'ombe. Together with KWS' science researcher Lynn Njeri, and Kahindi Charo, naturalist from Mida Creek Conservation Community, host Smriti Vidyarthi and the team explore the lives and problems that our dolphins and whales have to face.

Enjoy us on YouTube here and share with your friends. Delightful Dolphins

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