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Humpback Whale Watching with the Arabian Gulf, Kenya and East Africa

While we are watching for the humpback whales to arrive in Kenya, The Arabian Sea Whale Network Newsletter is out linking all the whale friends in the Indian Ocean and beyond.

News from Oman with the Arabian Sea Whale Network is out! Check out whale happenings whether you are a whale lover, student and scientist its all here Arabian Sea Whale Network Newletter
Thanks to everyone including founder Dr Gianna Minton for connecting the north to the south in the beginning of some great whale relationships.

Watamu Marine Association are featured too with our land based surveys from Watamu Kenya, now into our third year with support from the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife

Join us here on the ASWN temporary website for more whale action.Arabian Sea Whale Website

For more information about the whales in Kenya see Kenya Marine Mammal Network

Meanwhile, Whales Ahoy! All Eyes to the Ocean!

Also see: http://www.watamu.biz/


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