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Magical Kenya Travel Writers Visit Eco World Watamu

Magical Kenya, Kenya's official tourist board joined Watamu Marine Association, for an Eco World Watamu extravaganza.

Travel writers from all over East Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania joined Watamu Marine Association on an Eco World Watamu tour. Starting with dolphin watching from Watamu Marine Excursion's boat Marine, then off to our coral gardens snorkeling with fishes. Dolphin Watching Watamu Kenya

Next up its our Recycling Centre, with much more to see including amazing art installations by Andrew McNaughton Recycling Eco World Watamu

Then finally on to a sumptuous meal at the Crab Shack Dabaso in the Magical Mangroves of Mida Creek.Crab Shack Dabaso If you don't believe the fun they had check out the links to our Facebook page

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