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Canoe Trip in Mida Creek

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Canoe ride in the Mangroves Picnic on Sudi Island Buffet provided by MCCC Sunset over Mida Creek from the Eco Restaurant

Mida Creek with its outstanding beauty offers varied activities with the local community groups and WMA members, which encourages eco-tourism initiatives

Very famous is the Mida Creek Boardwalk & Bird Hide. This is kind of a rope bridge construction leading to a wooden shelter from where you can relax with amazing views and perfectly observe the birdlife of Mida Creek. Because there are so many interesting features to discover around Mida Creek it is advisable to go on a tour with one of the guides at the Bird Hide or through Mida Creek Conservation Community group.

Apart from a tour, the Mida Creek Conservation Community would be happy to organise a canoe ride for you as well as prepare a picnic lunch of traditional Swahili dishes served on one of the romantic islands of the Creek. It is also recommended to visit the various nature trails and Creek channels to explore the magical mangrove forest with nine different species of mangroves.

The Mida Creek Boardwalk & Bird Hide are open from 6 am to 6 pm daily. If you want to stay for a while, it is best to arrive before high tide which brings in the wading birds. However, if you have only short time, the ideal time to visit is just after the receding tide. Enjoy the views and the birds!

Kirepwe Island- After Sudi Island, Kirepwe is the second largest of the three Mida Creek islands. Explore unexcavated ancient Swahili ruins, open water-pools and bosks of palm trees, it is a very scenic site. The ruins at Kirepwe are about the same age as the ruins in Gede and so it’s believed they were settled by the same community of people.

Kirepwe Island is also a good place for bird watching, but even the journey to the island is an experience especially if you chose to get there with a traditional dugout canoe. Canoes can be chartered either from the Mida Creek Boardwalk or from the Dabaso Landing Site, a small anchorage ground for canoes on the east side of the creek. Mida Creek Conservation Community group offer special trips to Kirepwe Island including a picnic with traditional food of fish, rice and fresh fruit. For more information on these activities please click on Mida Creek Conservation Community

Mida Creek Conservation Community
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