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Snorkelling in ideal conditions.

Snorkeling in Watamu, Watamu

Scorpion Fish-Don't Touch!! Glass bottomed boats available Butterfly Fish Eel peers out at snorkelers

Snorkeling in the Marine Park in Watamu is spectacular.

Exceptional snorkeling conditions in Watamu Marine National Park allow all visitors easy access to the spectacular undersea life. Whether a newcomer to the sea, or an experienced diver, you'll be able to find some exciting things to do.

The Marine Park is about 5 kms long from North to South and approximately 1 km from the shore to the fringing reefs. Snorkelling conditions are ideal at low tide, and especially good at spring low tide.

The North part is where the main hotels (Ocean Sports, Hemingways, Turtle Bay Beach Club and Blue Bay Village) are, and during high season it is the main mooring spot for fishing, diving and leisure boats. Here you find excellent snorkeling at the Larder, Turtle Reef and the Pothole.

The central part of the Park is the hot spot for snorkeling at the Coral Gardens, where there is a string of buoys where boat operators can tie up, whilst you snorkel in very safe conditions.

The main coral gardens are concentrated in a small, 500m long area. There are hundreds of beautiful coral reef fish here which leave you awestruck and dazzled by their vibrant colours.

If you are really lucky, you may see a sea turtle, a guitarfish or large grouper.

The South end of the park is by the mouth of Mida Creek. These waters can be treacherous due to the tidal wash from the creek, both in and out, so you need to know the Creek and be an experienced snorkeler. The famous Mida Creek Caves are found here. Giant Grouper have been spotted here - huge 200lb fish that will look you in the eye and dare you any closer.



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