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Mwamba Field Study Centre, Watamu

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The A Rocha Kenya Field Study Centre, 'Mwamba', provides accommodation for interested visitors, facilities for scientific training and workshops, and opportunities for volunteers and interns to learn practical conservation skills.

Mwamba Field Study Centre

Accommodation for Guests and Volunteers

Mwamba Field study center has accommodation for 22 guests, with additional space for campers. The center also presents opportunities for accommodation for researchers, interns and volunteers. In addition it has facilities to host workshops/conferences, small courses and office facilities for staff. A Rocha Kenya, therefore welcomes all visitors, holiday makers and all interested in natural history and conservation.
A proportion of the A Rocha Kenya conservation programme running costs are covered by funds raised through charging guests who stay at Mwamba and other generous donations

We offer delicious African meals including barbecues on the beach. Guests can buy supplementary beverages and snacks from our shop situated in the dining room. We also have restaurant services.

Beach Mwamba is situated just 80 meters from a dazzling beach in front of Watamu Marine Park. Our guests have the privilege to explore the marine world on our boat under guidance of our marine experts. We also have snorkeling equipment. Other activities include volley ball and rock pooling at low tide

Conference Facilities
Our Environmental Education Hall, situated in a serene part of the nature trail, is furnished with conference facilities and can accommodate up to 35 people.

Nature Trail
The nature trail is home to birds, insects, lizards, snakes, monkeys, elephant shrews among other animals. Birders do ringing here every fortnight.

Our gift shop has T- shirts, kikoys, cards, stickers, honey, refined marine debris articles like key holders and toys. Most of the articles on sale reflect a sense of the conservation work that ARK and other stakeholders are doing.

Our library has story books and novels with stories ranging from real life to fictional. Research publications are also available.

For more information about staying at Mwamba please see contacts below

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Mwamba Field Study Centre
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