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The Galana Conservancy, 2 hrs from Watamu, Watamu

Camera Trap, Striped Hyena on Buffalo Elephants by the Galana River Waterbuck Giraffe Feeding Bat Eared Fox

This 60,000 acre wildlife haven for some of the world's most renowned and rarest African wildlife species is situated on the eastern boundary of Tsavo East National Park and on the northern banks of the Galana River.

We seek to offer you a window into the challenging but wonderful world of conservation and community development in this stunning area Kenya.

We hope you enjoy what we have to show you and that you can join us on our journey to help preserve this crucial habitat and enable some of the amazing creatures that roam within its boundaries to do so, into the future, in peace.

The Galana Conservancy is one of Kenya's real wildlife treasures, offering a truly personal experience of the African bush. You may not encounter another soul as you explore the Lali Hills or drive along the Galana River on your way to a sun-downer in a place chosen by you.

Access to the Conservancy is by road from Malindi and Watamu in the East, from Voi in the West and by air from Malindi, Mombasa or Nairobi (there are 3 airstrips in the immediate area including one at Kulalu Camp which also serves as the new Conservancy HQ) The Main Conservancy Gate is situated at its south-east end, across the Galana River/ADC Ranch Headquarters causeway.

Our warden Fidelius Michira and his dedicated scouts will be happy to assist you in any way possible and they will always have up to date information on the movements of wildlife within the Conservancy.

The principle objectives of the GWC include:

Conservation of the natural environment in partnership with local communities.
A robust community development policy.
Agricultural and pastoral development in harmony with wildlife conservation.
Conservation of water catchments and natural waterways.
Conservation and expansion of the natural flora with a view to benefiting the present and future generations of the Kenyan nation.
The development of international partnerships to advance education and the academic opportunities of the surrounding communities.

The rough arid terrain of the Conservancy is one where only the strongest survive, and yet this area was a hugely successful working Game Ranch run by the Galana Game Management Scheme in the last quarter of the nineteen hundreds and has been feted as a prototype for modern ranching where game and cattle are run together.

This scheme spanned through the same total landscape comprising of 3,000 square miles of unspoilt and largely empty scrub land. This not only provided a safe environment for the wildlife to roam free, but also provided limitless vegetation for the Boran cattle kept at the ranch. The infrastructure that was built around the ranch was dynamic, adaptable and purposeful. 2000km roads were constructed, constantly graded and maintained through the rainy season. Several dams were built to catch the intermittent and very short life giving rainfall in the region to the benefit of both the cattle and the wildlife. Over a dozen airstrips were constructed, along with management and ranger outposts, to protect the animals and cattle in the Ranch.

The residents, that do not need to drink daily and so can stay further away from the river throughout the dry season. These include animals such as the majestic Lesser Kudu, Peters Gazelle, Gerenuk, Dik-Dik, Oryx and Giraffe.

The Migrants who need daily water include Buffalo, Eland, Zebra and the Elephant feast on the bloom of grasses and shrubs that follows the short but torrential rainy season, and who come to the mighty Sabaki river to quench their thirst.

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