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Kangas galore Fun and colourful kikoy stripped trousers Kikoy and kanga fun clothing selection School donated by BBUK School children benefit from BBUK donations

Bushbells (BBUK) is the generic name given to a group of 4 girls (2 ex-Kenyan residents), who love Watamu and work tirelessly in the UK selling a FABULOUS colourful KIKOY range of clothes and accessories (that are all made in Watamu)

BBUK is like an umbrella raising money for the Watamu projects they love.Underneath the umbrella's shade are three different spokes that benefit from BBUK's fundraising efforts.

The Story: Back in 2004, one man had a vision to build a school in the hinterland, near Gede. This man was a dear friend of these same ladies, and they decided to help him build the infrastructure of his school.

The school over the last 9 years has grown from one hut and 6 pupils, to 8 classrooms, 150 pupils and 12 teachers. BBUK still helps this school, as they are passionate about education for children. The pupils are taught in English and Kiswahili, and conservation and the environment are topics that are high on the curriculum. BBUK continues to offer their support to this school, whilst it consolidates its position in the local community. (THE SCHOOL IS THE FIRST SPOKE OF THE BBUK UMBRELLA!)

The Fundraising: Inspired by the wonderful kikoys that are so abundant on the Kenyan cost, BBUK decided to bring some of that sunshine back to the UK. Over the last 6 years, BBUK has developed a fabulous, eclectic and original range of products. These are all made in Watamu and are sold in the UK. The products include PJs, pull-ons, boxers, bunting, bags, dresses, kikoys, towels, aprons and other accessories. They are 100% cotton, 100% comfort, 100% cool, 100% kikoy and 100% Kenyan! (FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE RANGE VISIT info@bushbells.com)

The Tailors: BBUK have a dedicated and committed team of 4 tailors, headed up by the ever-smiling Sammy who has his name on the BBUK label! BBUK provide this brilliant team of tailors with stable employment, giving security to their families and education for their children. (OUR TAILORS ARE THE SECOND SPOKE OF THE UMBRELLA!)

WMA: BBUK are also able to support (via their fundraising efforts) various projects that are being developed by WMA principally those to do with education and sustainability in the environment. BBUK have great respect for the excellent work that WMA achieves through its educational programmes, and in the UK collect any unwanted laptops and mobiles for WMA. If you are reading this and feel you can contribute please do contact BBUK! (WMA IS THE THIRD SPOKE OF THE UMBRELLA!)

AND Now?....... BBUK's energies continue undaunted! In an increasingly challenging economic market, BBUK feel hugely privileged to know that their fund raising efforts not only help a school and its pupils to thrive and grow, but also give much needed employment to 4 very special tailors, as well as support the wonderful work that WMA achieves. It's worth it for this very special little piece of paradise called Watamu! For more information on BBUK, or to purchase some of our fabulous products, please contact us through our website Bushbells OR email us at info@bushbells.com.

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