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The group meet every Friday and conduct table banking

Mwamko Mpya Women's Group, Watamu

The group raises its own funding and controls the finances through  table banking Nursery awaiting a roof for the orphans Orphans in the care of the group The members graduate from a WMA IT course

Mwamko Mpya have been established since 2002 as a self help ladies' group working to assist orphans with AIDS.

The Group Background- The group was started in 2002 with 35 founder members. Currently the members that are active and committed are 20 in number

A large number of Watamu orphans are living with AIDS and are HIV positive. The primary aim of the group is to assist with the upbringing of currently over 170 orphans in terms of providing food, clothing and education, in an attempt to provide the same quality of life of children with families. In many cases the children are sent to orphanages.

We started our group after observing that there was a huge and ever growing amount of orphans and vulnerable children suffering in Watamu. Many of them didn’t have guardians to take care of them, so that they were in a miserable condition. Some of them were not getting their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. As a women’s group we saw the need and tried our best to help. Today the orphans are getting assistance from the group and numbers increase on a daily basis.

Group Vision- To see that orphans are taken care of on in respect of food, clothing and shelter (health and nutrition). To create awareness in the community and visitors to Watamu in respect of child protection against sexual exploitation. To see each member prosper and be self sufficient, and be able to provide education for their own children.

Source of Funds- We have been helping the orphans through group contributions. We have also started our own income generating activities. The group wishes to start a poultry farm when we are properly funded, to help provide for the orphans. Supporters and well wishes often make donations, which helps the group considerably.

Activities- The group intends to do a group project in order to raise funds for orphans. Furthermore the group will request donors to assist us in providing help for them. As part of the assistance initiative the group also has a good network with the local schools. The group also recognises the importance of education and sensitisation of the wider community.

Currently we have a micro credit project through group contributions in the form of shares. Members borrow small loans from the group to be able to pay the monthly contributions to the activities. The loan is paid off with interest, which is then used to help the orphans.

Future Plans- to have an orphanage for our ever increasing numbers of orphans. We are requesting donations to supplement our own generated income, due to the rise in numbers. For further information on the group's aims and how donors can assist the projects please contact the Secretary below.

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Secretary -Rosalin Nabaala, PO Box 87, Watamu
email mwamkompya@yahoo.co.uk
web http://watamu.biz/
tel +254 (0)726 780894


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