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Mombasa Coast and Tourist Association, Watamu

Boat operaters responsibly provide services according to MCTA Codes of Conduct Kenya's coast is one of the best worldwide Local traders, adhere to MCTA guidlines for the benefit of the customer

Mombasa & Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) promotes inbound and domestic tourism to the Kenya coast region, and is an associate member of Watamu Marine Association.

MCTA recognises tourism as a major force for the coastal region's economic and social development via expansion of foreign exchange earnings, gross domestic product and employment.

The Kenya coast enjoys one of Africa's most prolific wildlife populations, many hundreds of kilometers of tropical beach and many diverse interesting areas of natural beauty but, as a developing nation, has considerable pressures on land use and poverty reduction.

The coast tourism industry requires an enabling business environment and must be facilitated and operated in an ethical and responsible manner that protects the environment and respects local cultures, religions and lawful lifestyles. The proviso is important because tourism can be abused to the detriment of the visitor, the host communities and country. Tourists away from home countries are vulnerable and must be accorded individual human rights and freedoms with peaceful enjoyment of legal leisure activities within the laws of Kenya.

The government is responsible, to ensure that visitor’s health, safety and security should be protected in order that they obtain the most favorable impressions of Kenya. By nurturing tourist interests the tourism industry will continuously grow. The practice of sustainable tourism needs wide areas of common understanding and implementation of cross-cutting issues by many separate Ministries.

It is in recognition of these facts that MCTA has crafted a broad Code of Ethics and Conduct borrowing extensively from the Ethics of the World Tourism Organization. To see our Code please click on MCTA-Responsible Tourism Code. This also is compatable with the WMA Codes of Conduct, see the following Visitor, Hotelier and Beach Operator Code of Conduct

For more information on the work that we undertake, please click on the following link MCTA Website.

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