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Chrysiridia croesus

Mida Butterfly Farm, Watamu

Argema mimosae male Papilio Dardanus Euphaedra neophron Hypolimnas usambara Salamis anacardii

Mida Butterfly Farm was established in 1990 to work out the breeding requirements of local species of Lepidoptera, and has been exporting to our clients in the UK, US and Europe since 1993. Currently we export over 60,000 pupae per year.

We are situated on the Kenyan North coast, 100 km north of Mombasa, in a village called Watamu, which is well situated with regard to butterfly hotspots such as Arabuko-Sokoke forest, the Shimba Hills, the Taita Hills, and various coral rag forest patches.

In these areas we have over the years trained local people to breed various of their butterfly and moth species, which are then sent to our central Watamu facility twice a week for further sorting. A mixture of these species and other more demanding species bred in large flight areas at our Watamu base are then exported to our clients overseas.

Approximately 50 species are commonly available throughout the year, with perhaps another 20 species bred on special request. These are species that tend to have a short pupal duration, such as pierids, skippers and lycaenids, so are not normally sent in routine pupal shipments. All species exported are of Kenyan origin.

Having established breeding operations in a variety of different locations and altitudes ensures a wide variety of pupae throughout the year available for export.

The local communities benefit financially from farming pupae, which provides a powerful incentive for their protecting the local forest enclaves from unsustainable practices such as logging and charcoal production, as these areas support reserves of new breeding stock when required.


All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Methods of payment to be agreed upon before delivery for new clients.

Documentation with shipments includes Export permit from KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service), IATA compliance form, and Commercial invoice. Clients in US, Canada should provide relevant import permits so that hard copies can accompany the shipment.

Packaging is IATA approved nested cardboard boxes reinforced with plywood. Pupae are layered in cotton wool.

Minimum order is 100 pupae.

Pupae are guaranteed A1 condition when packed. Although some losses during international transit are inevitable, we will refund significant losses (over 15%).

Unless otherwise requested, shipping is via commercial air frieght, which normally takes 3 days to UK, and 5 days to US.

Approximate shipping costs and price list available on request.

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